19 hours in the air: longest scheduled flight to date named

19 hours in the air: longest scheduled flight to date named

More than 15'000 km – this is the distance a Singapore Airlines aircraft flies on the route Singapore – New York. For a direct flight between these cities, the carrier uses the ultra-long-haul A350-900. The flight takes about 19 hours – today it is a record in terms of the duration of an aircraft in the air during the regular transportation of tourists from one point to another in civil aviation. Travel analytics company Cirium made the announcement.

Experts explained that there are many reasons why ultra-long-haul flights are becoming more and more popular. One is Airbus and Boeing's aviation technology offering longer range products. The most important of these are the Boeing B787 Dreamliners, which entered service in 2014, and the Airbus A350, which began flying in 2015. However, the number of ultra-long distance routes, which was 30 in the pre-Covid 2019, will drop to 22 lines in July-September 2022.

Another Singapore Airlines flight is in second place in terms of range. We are talking about the route Singapore – Newark (not to be confused with New York, these are two different cities that are located in the USA in different states). The plane flies almost as long as its colleague, who turned out to be the leader of the rating, flies. On the third – the flight of the largest Australian airline Qantas: Perth – London (a little less than 14.500 km one way). There were no Russian air carriers in the top 15.

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