250 thousand euros: Turkey was horrified by the new prices for Russian tourists

250 thousand euros: Turkey was horrified by the new prices for Russian tourists

Excessive growth in demand for renting apartments and houses in the resort towns of Turkey led to a corresponding increase in prices for this rent – from 30 thousand liras for an apartment and up to 250 thousand euros for a not very luxurious villa, prices for luxury houses soar and higher.

Xuha Kumbasar, owner of a real estate consulting company in Bodrum, commented to Hürriyet: “The cost of rent varies depending on the area, proximity to the sea and the characteristics of the house. On average, we see that monthly figures start from 30-35 thousand lira and reach 175-200 thousand lira. In luxurious mansions, the numbers run into the millions.” Last year, the fee started at 20,000. He added that the increase in demand “puts local residents in a difficult position” and many have to migrate to remote areas. “Sometimes a month's rent budget can buy a house in Istanbul,” adds the expert.

Real estate investment expert Veli Armagan Akyuz, who provides rental services for a villa in Sennet Bay, gave even more impressive figures: “Monthly rental fees for ultra-luxury villas range from 100,000 to 250,000 euros in high season. Villas worth 250 thousand euros are mostly rented by foreigners. The amount requested for apartments for living is 30-45 thousand euros per month.

Also, the rent increased by 271% in Antalya, which is facilitated by the influx of Russians and Ukrainians migrating to the resort. It is argued that even the rent for apartments 1 + 1, i.e. in Russian studios, is up to 5 thousand Turkish liras, while the rent for ordinary apartments reaches 15-20 thousand Turkish liras per month. Rent growth was also recorded in Izmir – by 119%.

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