5 reasons not to put off buying a tour until the last minute, even in a pandemic.

I'll tell you why I think that even in the current conditions, you should not postpone the purchase of a tour to the sea until the last moment and do it right before departure.

✔️ Tours are getting more expensive.

The cost of tours has already begun to grow and it is unlikely that prices will decrease closer to the summer. The increase in the cost of tours is due to high demand. Prices for tours to Turkey are growing especially strongly. Therefore, the longer you put off buying a tour, the more expensive you will buy it.

✔️ Tour operators offer loyal terms for booking tours.

Now, many tour operators offer very loyal conditions for booking tours – you need to pay only about 20% of the tour cost, and the rest can be paid 2-3 weeks before departure.

✔️ Hotels may not be available.

This year, as mentioned earlier, there is a very strong demand for tours to Turkey, especially in 4 and 5 star hotels. Even now, when there are still 3 months before the start of the season, many hotels on the websites of tour operators are marked “few places”. And by the summer of places in many good hotels may not remain at all.

✔️ No hot tours.

Last-minute tours have long become a myth, and in the current conditions, you can’t rely on them all the more. The demand is so high that it makes no sense for tour operators to reduce prices for tours, and hotels are unlikely to be empty.

✔️ Early booking is good savings.

Buying a tour with an early booking promotion is a good opportunity to save 20-30%. Tour operators offer good discounts for those who are willing to book a tour in advance. And we already see that tourists started booking tours as early as October 2022.

In addition, you can get an additional discount of 2000 rubles.

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5 reasons not to put off buying a tour until the last minute, even in a pandemic.

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