50 thousand Ukrainian refugees have already been placed in the resorts of Spain

50 thousand Ukrainian refugees have already been placed in the resorts of Spain

The Spanish authorities have placed 50 thousand Ukrainian refugees in the popular resort cities of the country and the capital. Such data contains a statement by the Spanish government, published in local media.

As of April 11, Spain received 48,979 citizens of Ukraine. At the same time, another 52,000 applications for temporary protection were approved by the local authorities. More than a third of them are minors. According to the Committee on the National Security Situation, in addition to the existing reception centers located in the capital Madrid, sightseeing Barcelona and coastal Alicante, a new reception center has also been launched in the resort town of Malaga. Spain has granted all incoming refugees the right to seek temporary protection in reception and accommodation centres. As you can see from the report, Ukrainian refugees are choosing not remote villages, but the resort towns of the country.

The same agency discussed the consequences of sanctions for Russia after the approval of the fifth package of measures by the EU, which entered into force last week. Among other things, the package includes a ban on the import of Russian coal, a complete ban on the movement of Russian and Belarusian road carriers operating in the EU, as well as a ban on the entry of Russian-flagged ships into European ports.

“More than 13,000 children have already been enrolled in schools, almost twice as many as a week ago,” the Spanish government added in a press release issued following the meeting.

On April 4, Spain also reported that more than 41,000 IDPs from Ukraine have already been assisted on its territory. According to the report of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, between February 24 and April 10, the total number of Ukrainian citizens who arrived in the country in the Pyrenees amounted to almost 110,000 people.

The latest UN data showed that almost 4.7 million people have already left Ukraine since the start of Russia's special operation to denazify the neighboring country. As a new place of residence, they chose the states neighboring Ukraine.

Let's list the five countries that received a record number of refugees. Poland became the absolute leader – 2,645,877 people settled on its territory. The second place was taken by Romania – 701.741 Ukrainians. Third – Hungary (434.342 people), fourth – Moldova (413.374 Ukrainians) and fifth – Slovakia (320.246 people).

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