7 days in the Phuket jungle without food and water: a lost tourist was miraculously saved in Thailand

7 days in the Phuket jungle without food and water: a lost tourist miraculously rescued in Thailand

PE , fortunately with a happy ending, happened in the Thai resort of Phuket: a 75-year-old tourist who went missing on May 9 was found alive after spending seven nights alone in the jungle without food or water. To save the lost tourist, a whole rescue operation was undertaken, but in the end a local resident found her. The tourist was taken to the hospital.

Barbara Elizabeth Monica Flag Lange, 75, disappeared on May 9 when she left her room at Maikhao Palm Beach Resort in Thailand around 8 a.m., according to the Daily Mail. The hotel cameras recorded that the tourist got out and went along the nearby road towards Woodland. Also a clue for the police was the tourist's statement to another guest that she would take a walk “to that house on the mountain.”

When the tourist did not return on time, the hotel staff and other guests sounded the alarm and called the police. The situation was complicated by the fact that an elderly tourist suspected Alzheimer's disease. And besides, she had neither food nor water.

The rescue operation, according to the head of the local council, Bancha Tanu-in, was launched seriously, the rescue teams surveyed a large area using cameras and GPS technology. Helicopters, boats and foot searchers were also used. However, in the end, seven days later, a local Thai teenager from a mountain village found the tourist. Having found a foreign woman in a dense forest, he informed his family, and they already called the police.

As a result, the tourist was found alive, albeit exhausted, lying in a stream in the vast Sirinat National Park. The fact that the tourist found water that helped her quench her thirst and cool off in the heat saved her, police say. A happy accident also helped – despite the fact that there are enough poisonous snakes in the jungle and there are predators.

“The tourist is safe and relatively healthy. She was taken to the hospital for a medical examination. An interpreter from German will arrive to help her and find out all the details,” the police added.

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