A country popular with Russians, where tourists were massively put into observatories with a mockery, removes all entry restrictions

A country popular with Russians, where tourists were massively put into observatories with a mockery, removes all restrictions to enter

Another Caribbean country has completely lifted entry restrictions – although our tourists cannot fly there yet. It's about Cuba. Liberty Island authorities have said they will no longer require tourists to have negative PCR tests or proof of full vaccinations. This became possible due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the world, as well as the high level of vaccination within the country, according to Cuba. At the same time, Russian tourists remember the “covid checks” of Cuban authorship with horror.

Director of the epidemiology department, Francisco Duran, that the easing of measures will come into force on Wednesday. However, the mask regime will be maintained at all points of entry to the island, primarily at airports. Also, upon arrival on the island, vacationers may undergo random testing for coronavirus. It is likely that the measure will remain formal.

But let us recall that last summer, “covid checks” from the Cuban authorities led to a major scandal. It began with the fact that in Cuba, 150 Russian tourists tested positive for coronavirus at the airport upon arrival, then they were taken to a quarantine hotel. At the same time, after some time, another group of “covid-positive” was brought to the hotel. One of the victims, who was among those locked up in Cuba due to a positive PCR test for coronavirus, complained of a rude attitude towards stranded tourists. According to her, the testing process took place in a rude form: “they took it tough”, when taking smears, the doctor squeezed his head tightly and “poked a stick into his nose”, which he cut off with scissors – “as a punishment for the fact that we here do not really believe in existing moments.” After that, she urged tourists to “think a hundred times” before going to Cuba. Read the details of the scandal here.

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