A court in a country popular with Russians banned renting housing to tourists in the most sought-after areas

A court in a country popular with Russians banned renting accommodation to tourists in the most sought-after areas

Not only in Turkey counted the money and tourists who go to the private sector, urging them to fight with administrative methods. So, an alarming precedent for tourists occurred in Spain. There, in a province popular with tourists, the court forbade them to rent housing for daily rent in the most sought-after areas – we are talking about Andalusia.

According to the Spanish press, we are talking about a lawsuit filed by the city council of Cadiz against an application for tourist accommodation in the old city area, the Supreme Court of Andalusia and made a decision that will set a precedent on this issue – because according to this decision, residences in the city center can no longer be used for tourism purposes. A similar decision was made in Seville. The court also named the basis for the ban – the implementation of Tourist housing cancels the Master Plan for Urban Development. In fact, they want to transfer housing rented to tourists to the status of “hotels of a different type”, which will mean a completely different approach and different taxation.

Although there are voices against. Arlos Pérez Lanzac, president of the Andalusian Association of Residents for Tourists, said the tourist housing system, which he says represents a four billion euro market, is “dynamizing” tourism and the economy. But apparently the official hotel business does not want such “dynamics” at its own expense.

Recall that in Turkey they also calculated the average number of private apartments and houses handed over to tourists on only one Airbnb – and were shocked by the scale of the “subversive activities” of those who came in large numbers. “The attractiveness of daily rentals for homeowners has made Airbnb competitive with hotels, the Turkish press says. In Istanbul alone, about 45 thousand real estate units are offered for rent, of which almost 68% are apartments or houses, the average cost per night is from 2.6 thousand Turkish liras (9.4 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate). In Antalya, almost 28 thousand real estate units are presented on this site, here they are mostly private houses, and you can rent a house with 2 bedrooms in the city center for the night for 2-3 thousand Turkish lira. Slightly fewer proposals in Bodrum and Izmir – about 7 and 10 thousand proposals, respectively, the price of the issue – from 1.5 thousand liras for an apartment in the city center to 15 thousand for a villa. So the country has already begun to fight against illegally leased housing – the extreme ones, of course, are tourists. Read more here.

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