A fetid black river of sewage continues to flow to Phuket's popular tourist beach

The fetid black river of sewage continues to flow to Phuket's popular tourist beach

A photo and video report of a fetid black river of sewage flowing onto the famous Kamala Beach on the resort island of Phuket was published this week on Facebook (the site is banned in Russia by Roskomnadzor for extremism). The pictures have gathered angry comments from tourists who are vacationing in this area of ​​Thailand and want to find out who is responsible for violating environmental safety standards. It is clarified that the problem cannot be solved for more than a year.

According to Phuket Express, the black “mess” is dumped by nearby businesses. The water has been flowing along this klong (canal) for decades, turning into a river with a constant fetid odor. The development of hotels and clubs along the same waterfront over the past decade has only exacerbated the problem. Residents constantly complain about the terrible smell and the terrible picture of the flow of water from sewage and mud, flowing openly onto the beach.

Posts calling for the cleanup of the beach and the punishment of those responsible reached the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Varuvat Silpaarchu. They were preceded by another incident on the same western beach of the island. Thai media reported on construction equipment and trucks digging soil on a hill in Kamala, despite officials previously banning construction on the site. According to the head of the district, not a single government agency issued a building permit there. According to Isra News, the site is attractive for a tourist development: the site is located at an altitude of 90 meters above sea level, offering a beautiful view.

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