A frightened tourist found a severed human leg buried in the sand on the beach of the resort

A frightened tourist found a severed human leg buried in the sand on the beach of the resort

A foreign tourist came to Spain, went to rest on the beach and accidentally found in the sand someone else's cut off human leg. Frightened, she began to scream, which attracted attention. Soon, police and forensic experts arrived at the place of discovery.

The incident occurred on a popular beach in Gandia (province of Valencia) on September 4, the British newspaper Daily Star specified. The woman was walking along the coastline and drew attention to a strange object sticking out of the sand, and decided to find out what it was. She began to dig and to her own horror, she discovered that it was a severed human leg and part of a thigh. In a panic, she began to scream, which attracted the attention of others.

Tourists immediately called the police, soon the place was cordoned off, and vacationers were asked to go to other beaches. Experts have suggested that the limb may have been torn off at sea and washed up on a busy beach by a wave. The representative of the local police noted that, despite the long stay in the water, no fractures were found on the limbs. It was also assumed that the leg traveled “many kilometers” and could belong to a man who sailed to Italy on a boat, and was carried away by the current towards Spain. “Several pieces of clothing and the material from which it was made indicate that this is a person who tried to get to Europe,” one of the experts noted.

To identify the deceased and the circumstances of the incident, a half-decomposed leg sent to the Institute of Forensic Anatomy of Valencia for a more detailed analysis. As part of the investigation, a DNA test is also planned to rule out a connection between this case and recent reports of missing persons. Local authorities have also begun searching for other parts of the body, but they doubt they will be found.

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