A giant reptile crawled into a pool of tourists at a popular resort, causing a stir

Giant reptile crawled into pool with tourists at popular resort, causing a commotion

Creepy intruder drove tourists out of popular attraction Emerald Pool in the province Krabi in southern Thailand. From the nearest wildlife sanctuary Khoa Prabang Khram, where the attraction itself is located, a two-meter python “arrived to cool off” in the pool.

According to the Thai media, referring to a video on TikTok, the snake phenomenon plunged tourists into a panic. Some daredevils tried to drive the snake away by splashing water on it, but the day was hot and the python also did not mind cooling down – and eventually dived into the pool. Why, in the end, that foreigners and local tourists fled with screams of horror in all directions.

As the media add, the python is not a poisonous snake. However, it can inflict a strong bite and other injuries given its size. “No one can swim safely knowing that there is a python hiding below that can bite on the leg at any second,” they say. The author of the video himself also stated that his family was in the water at that moment, but as soon as there was a snake in the pool, “they quickly decided that it was time for them to go home,” the expert added.

As a result, the tourists were saved reserve staff. They caught the snake from a popular attraction and further reported that they took it to the jungle, far from the places visited by tourists.

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