A hotel employee said that tourists often boil their underpants in kettles that are in the rooms.

The hotel staff reported that tourists often boil their underpants in kettles in the rooms

A tourist who has cooked meat or chicken in a kettle in a hotel room turns out to be not the worst “example” at all. Sometimes hotel workers, according to the Dailystar, met with the worst characters. Who, for example, use the kettle as a household laundry and boil their underwear there. The most remarkable thing is that there are not so few such tourists, they assure, and after these procedures the kettle simply becomes dangerous. Therefore, experts categorically do not recommend using hotel kettles or coffee makers in the rooms.

“I managed the hotel and I know what I'm talking about. And believe me, you don't want to know about the worst thing these people can do in teapots. They boil their underpants, sterilize needles, and other crazy things,” said one such source.

At the same time, he warned tourists – in no case do not use kettles in the rooms. The problem is not even that hotel kettles actually never heat water up to a temperature of 100 degrees – which means that there is no “sterilization” and is not expected. The use of kettles for obviously inappropriate items leads to the fact that it may fail – and it is not necessary that a short circuit and fire “get” the one who used the device for other purposes – the next innocent tourist may also suffer.

And as it became known, there are many such originals. A few years ago, on Twitter, a tourist asked the question: “Does anyone I know wash their underwear in a kettle while traveling?” – and the result shocked him – many claimed that they were advised by such a method as a life hack. Moreover, even expensive lace underwear was “launched” into the kettle.

Recall that recently the tourist community was “stirred up” by the life hack of an American business traveler who wanted to eat and, deciding to save on cafes, cooked chicken with garlic and butter right in the hotel’s coffee maker numbers, which he told about on the social network LinkedIn. He posted a post detailing his recipe and cooking method in the hope of getting praise for his wit, but saw the opposite reaction – read more at this link.

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