A huge shark has caused a stir in the popular resort of the Mediterranean

A huge shark has caused a stir in the popular Mediterranean resort

On Monday morning, tourists and locals filmed a huge shark off one of the beaches of the famous Spanish resort of Ibiza. The predator lurks in shallow waters near the rocks of Calo de Moro in the urban area of ​​the resort of San Antonio, Spanish media reported.

One eyewitness posted pictures of the toothy fish on Twitter in the early hours of May 16: “A small shark is stuck in shallow water right now in Calo de Moro, Ibiza… Sad to see. A two-meter shark was stranded in the waters of San Antonio.”

The shark, presumably a tintorer (known from the movie Jaws) or a blue shark (dangerous even on land), seemed disoriented. Employees of the local environmental council, after receiving the information, went to the beach to investigate the situation.

Earlier this month, local lifeguards urged swimmers to get out of the water after spotting a shark circling a beach on Mallorca, another Spanish island. Vigilant observers noticed the fins of a predator above the surface of the water on the beach of Cala Mondrago in the southeast of the island. According to preliminary data, a blue shark swam to the beach. It is with this species of sharks that many cases of attacks on people in the coastal zone are associated.

The same type of shark was accused of attacking a holidaymaker in the Spanish city of Elche near Alicante in July 2016. Then the 40-year-old injured tourist survived after the shark attack. He was rushed to the hospital and stitched to the wound on his arm. Rescuers described the bite as “big” and said the hiker was able to get out of the water on his own. He was bleeding.

Another example. In August 2018, tourists fled the sea in panic after a blue shark, one of the most common in Spain, appeared off the crowded Mallorcan beach of Calas de Mallorca on the east coast of the island. Calo de Moro can be reached along the pedestrian promenade that runs along the coastline, behind the bustling area of ​​shops and bars in San Antonio, where crowds of tourists gather to enjoy the sunset. Its clear waters make it an ideal place to swim without leaving the city center.

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