A new terrible danger looms over tourism: tourists in Europe are in anxious expectation

A new terrible danger hangs over tourism: tourists in Europe are in anxious expectation

Before Europe had time to get out of the coronavirus pandemic, a new misfortune loomed over tourism. This time we are talking about the so-called monkeypox brought from Africa to the European continent. Moreover, it began to be transmitted not only from monkeys to humans, but also from humans to humans. Cases have already been reported in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, France and Belgium. Optimists still hope that the disease will not take on a mass character, pessimists recall February-March 2020, when no one seriously discussed Covid-19, but covid rapidly “went” from a local “Chinese” disease to the stage of a global pandemic and widespread lockdowns, in fact killed tourism.

Monkeypox, as experts say, was previously a relatively rare, at least for Europe, infectious disease with symptoms in the form of general intoxication of the body, fever and exanthema (rash). The incubation period is from 5 to 21 days. The lethality of the disease in documented cases ranges from 10%, and unlike covid, children are more likely to suffer.

According to experts, unlike covid, the disease is far from new – the first cases of human infection date back to the early 70s. Outside the “civilized world”, namely in equatorial and subequatorial Africa, cases of the disease are often recorded. In the 1990s, even a major outbreak of this disease was recorded in the Congo. It was also “imported” to the States – cases were recorded in 2003, the disease was brought with domesticated prairie dogs, which, in turn, received the virus from rodents imported from Africa.

Tourists fear that the virus “arrived” in Europe and began to spread. First, the smallpox virus was detected in a British resident who returned from the Congo. At the moment, 9 cases have already been recorded in the country – while patients are located in different areas – from London to the southeast. Cases are also being reported on the continent, with an increase in these reports in recent days. Spain reported seven cases and 22 suspected cases, Portugal has 20 cases. First cases of monkeypox confirmed in Sweden, Italy, as well as in Australia, Canada and the United States.

Last cases again Europeans – first case of infection human monkeypox recorded in France, in the Paris/Ile-de-France region, two more – in Belgium, two confirmed cases. Tourists are afraid that a “new covid” will happen.

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