A new terrible virus with a mortality rate of 90%: tourists were banned from visiting three dangerous countries

A terrible new virus with a mortality rate of 90%: tourists were banned from visiting three dangerous countries

Another “terrible virus” with a mortality rate of 90%, ” Ebola's cousin, the Marburg virus, warned tourists at the WHO. So far, the outbreak is being recorded in three African countries, which some states have already banned from visiting their tourists.

The WHO has already drawn attention to the outbreak of the virus, stating that the disease “has epidemic potential.” Tourists venturing into the three African countries are advised to check themselves for the main symptoms. At the same time, they emphasize that Marburg is “an infectious disease that has a 90% mortality rate.” At the same time, WHO stated that “the risk of international spread cannot be ruled out.”

According to The Sun, three countries are included in the risk zone. And if a Russian tourist is unlikely to get into Equatorial Guinea, where the largest number of cases were recorded, and Burundi, where deaths from a mysterious disease were also recorded, then Tanzania, which also appeared on the list of risky countries, was very popular with our tourists at one time, and the route to Zanzibar some Russian tourists still choose.

Many countries are already closing the “risk zone” for tourists. Thus, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged its tourists to avoid contact with sick people and monitor symptoms for three weeks after leaving the area. Vietnam has introduced mandatory screening for all tourists arriving from these countries. And Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait as a whole have imposed a ban on visiting these countries.

According to experts, Equatorial Guinea announced an outbreak of the disease caused by the Marburg virus back in mid-February, when cases of the disease spread to several provinces. At the end of March, 13 confirmed cases and 20 probable cases were identified in the country. At the same time, all “probable” cases are those who died from the disease. In Tanzania, 8 cases were recorded, of which five deaths. Burundi has recorded three deaths, although the country's authorities deny that this is a case of this virus.

According to WHO, the Marburg virus is transmitted to people from fruit bats, which resembles the infamous covid, and can also be transmitted between people in direct contact with biological fluids, surfaces and materials. At the initial stage, patients have high fever, chills, headache and myalgia; after a few days, a rash develops, jaundice, damage to the liver and pancreas, internal bleeding and multiple organ dysfunction, which together with a high probability will lead to the death of the patient. Covid, which caused huge losses to the tourism industry, out of habit from such statements by the WHO has already tensed…

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