A popular beach holiday destination for Russians is under attack

A popular beach holiday destination for Russians is under attack

Problems with the issuance of electronic visas in India could endanger hundreds of Russians, almost 80 people have already lost their vacation – they could not fly on Tuesday on a charter flight from Kazan in Goa. Such information was announced by experts of the travel market for ATOR. Experts note that a “global failure” in the system has been observed in recent days and very much hope that India will be able to deal with it, because otherwise tours to Goa – a popular beach holiday destination for Russians this winter – will be under attack.

According to the information of the Anex Tour tour operator, which was announced by ATOR, 79 tourists were unable to fly on a flight from Kazan to Goa due to a problem with visas. A similar situation almost arose with tourists from Yekaterinburg – visas for 73 people were received just two hours before departure. They also tried to send Kazan tourists, even delayed the flight departure for an hour – but the visas were never issued.

Tourists who did not fly away, whose visas came out late, the tour operator will offer other options to fly away on vacation. At the same time, the complexity is also in the aviation requirements of India: tourists can fly to and return to Goa with only one airline and a full segment, that is, it is impossible to fly out of Moscow and return to Kazan.

At the same time, as the travel market experts add, There has always been a problem with the issuance of electronic visas in this direction. “The servers and technology of the India Visa Application Center website leave much to be desired,” they note – and the situation has only worsened during the pandemic. At the time of Wednesday, the tour operator also has to manually solve the problem with tourists departing from Moscow, there are also those on the flight who have their visas delayed.

As Anex experts added, if the failure continues, he can deliver under attack the rest of hundreds of Russians. “Such problems and incidents will reduce demand in the Indian direction. It is in the interests of India itself to solve the problem as soon as possible,” they add.

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