A popular destination for Russians to travel abroad has simplified entry rules

A popular destination for Russians to travel abroad has simplified entry rules

From Thursday, April 15, the Azerbaijani authorities will simplify the possibility of entering the country: the requirement to present a negative PCR test has been canceled for the coronavirus. However, the country retains the “vaccine qualification”.

“From April 15, the requirement to present a document confirming a negative result of a PCR test for COVID-19 upon entering the Republic of Azerbaijan is canceled,” reads the decree signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov. However, we add that entry into the country is still allowed for those who have been vaccinated or who have been ill, and of the Russian vaccines, only Sputnik V is allowed. So those who wish to go abroad through Azerbaijan will need a certificate of vaccination or transferred COVID-19 with a QR code from the State Services in English with the data of the passport. By the way, the requirement for a vaccine passport at the entrance to closed premises and the mask regime in the country have also not been lifted.

Those who wish to leave through this direction are also reminded that land borders are currently closed. Russian carriers still fly direct flights to Azerbaijan – there are Aeroflot, Utair and IrAero flights. The cost of tickets starts from 28 thousand rubles one way – this applies to flights in May.

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