A popular resort advises tourists to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth: mass cancellations of tours have begun

Popular resort advises tourists to turn off tap while brushing teeth: massive tour cancellations have begun

Extreme heat in European Mediterranean threatens to destroy not only beach tourism. The drought caused by it has led the famous spa resort to introduce water restrictions for tourists. As a result, mass cancellations of tours began.

Speech, according to Schengen Visainfo, is about Spanish spa resorts located in Malaga, Andalusia. There, tourists began to be advised to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth in order to save water consumption. And in general, the entire region is taking measures to reduce water consumption, which scared away tourists.

If it weren’t for its own 2000-liter water tank these days, the resort would have been closed by now, sources say. At the same time, many tourists are not ready to travel under such conditions, and hotels have been covered with a wave of refusals.

“It remains to be hoped that there will be enough rain next winter,” local hotel owners say. There is little hope for all other projects – the drought has led to the depletion of the main reservoir in the region and no alternatives are yet in sight. If warm and dry winters and hot summers repeat, more than 100 thousand people, especially those who work in hotels and other accommodation facilities, risk being left without work.

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