A Russian Came to the US and Discovered 4 Strange Habits of Americans That Are Perplexing

A Russian came to the USA and discovered 4 strange habits of Americans that cause bewilderment

Four strange habits of Americans “that cause sincere bewilderment,” a Russian who came to the USA described on his Yandex.Zen blog.

“Not only we Russians seem rather mysterious,” he began his story about these habits and named four of them.

  1. Present the document: “If we have an adult bearded uncle at the checkout when buying something strong, they ask him to show his passport, then he will most likely be indignant, and if they ask a lady, she will remember this compliment for a long time,” the blogger assures. While, according to him, in the States, even if a person looks obviously well over 30, when buying alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or entering a nightclub, he will be asked to present a document
  2. Can't stand the heat. Americans “as if in a past life they were penguins,” the blogger remarks with humor, noting their love to turn air conditioners everywhere to the minimum temperature. Also, according to him, in any catering establishment, they try to put more ice in drinks. “And the point here is not that ice and foam are the bartender's bread. A lot of ice is put even in simple non-carbonated water, and many have an ice maker at home, ”the blogger writes.
  3. Too delicate and fickle in courtship. “In the US, it is not customary to get acquainted on the street, as this can simply confuse a person. I don’t know how they feel if someone in the subway or in the store sunk into the soul, but this is not accepted, ”the blogger writes. Moreover, according to him, bringing even a beautiful bouquet to an attractive girl on a date is a bad form. “Don't think that American women don't like flowers. But in order not to seem like a loser during courtship, bouquets should be sent by courier, preferably with a nice note, ”adds the blogger
  4. Throw your legs. The habit known from films really exists and has not gone away: an American, “as in the order of things,” can throw his legs on the table or on the next chair in the cinema, the blogger writes. “Of course, this can be very convenient, but you also have to think about others, it’s just unhygienic and impolite. In our country, this is not accepted, and without the need to stand on tables or chair seats in public places,” he adds. , which surprised me when I moved to the USA. Everything concerns mainly “household” differences, such as the size of the kitchen or laundries. Read the details in this article.

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