A Russian fell from the 8th floor at a popular resort

A Russian fell from the 8th floor in a popular resort

Another tragedy happened to a Russian tourist in the resort of Pattaya in Thailand. In the middle of the day, the Russian fell from the 8th floor of the hotel where he stayed for a vacation. The preliminary version of the investigation is suicide after a quarrel with a girlfriend.

Before the fall, the 33-year-old compatriot and his companion quarreled. The hotel staff heard the conversation in raised voices outside their room on the 8th floor, which has a balcony overlooking the lobby. However, the staff could not make out what the couple was arguing about, because. did not understand Russian speech.

After that, at around 5:00 pm, according to eyewitnesses, the man jumped from a balcony and landed in a crowded lobby, shocking dozens of employees and tourists. Immediately after the incident, the girl fled the scene on the fire escape, now the police are looking for her. In addition, law enforcement officers intend to study the recordings from CCTV cameras in order to get a clearer picture of the incident.

Medics and police arrived at the scene and found a living tourist lying in the lobby. It was clarified that he had serious injuries, including multiple bone fractures. Rescuers took the wounded man to the hospital, but, unfortunately, he died shortly after arriving there.

The name of the hotel has not been released pending investigation by Pattaya police, but The Thaiger has information that the hotel is located on Pratamnak Soi 5.

There are many suicides among tourists in the resort town of Pattaya. They even came up with a special name for them, Pattaya Flying Club (“Pattaya Flying Club”) – this is the name given to restless foreigners who solve their problem by throwing themselves from the balcony of a hotel in Pattaya and end up dead.

The Russian only added to the tragic statistics of the meaningless club. So, in August, a 41-year-old Australian jumped from the balcony of his hotel in Pattaya, then an 82-year-old German. Another man, a 72-year-old foreigner, died suspiciously earlier this year.

Earlier, a Russian tourist died after falling from the eighth floor of a condominium in the resort town of Patong, Phuket – details here.

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