A Russian tourist calculated the cost of living in Thailand and realized that prices for Russians have become “Moscow”

A Russian tourist calculated the cost of living in Thailand and realized that prices for Russians have become

The times when practically any Russian who issued a passport could rest in Thailand are long gone. In particular, a Russian tourist recently calculated the cost of living in Thailand and realized that prices for compatriots in this direction have become “Moscow”, and therefore rest is unrealistic for many.

“Starting from November 2022, the course began to return to pre-specialized indicators, and with it, the cost of rest and living increased by almost 1.5 times and continues to gain momentum to this day. He doesn't even plan to stop. Many do not withstand the financial pressure and return home without having enough time to enjoy the winter, because the prices for Russians have become really “Moscow”, a domestic traveler shared on his blog on Yandex.Zen.

So, how much does the life and rest of a “non-package” tourist in the country of smiles cost in February:

  1. Flight. Air tickets are almost 2/3 of the budget, because, as the author noted, their prices are really “amazing”. So, the cost of a flight to a Thai resort for one person with luggage from Moscow back and forth will cost about 62 thousand rubles.
  2. Rental of property. For accommodation, independent tourists usually choose hotels or condos. “Apartment rental prices have also risen due to the huge tourist demand this year, due to the lifting of covid restrictions. If in September the average cost of apartments reached 8 thousand baht (13.8 thousand rubles), then today you will take exactly the same apartments for 11-12 thousand baht (23-24.5 thousand rubles),” the blogger and added that the vacationer will also pay utility bills in the amount of 4-5 thousand rubles.
  3. Nutrition. According to a compatriot, food prices in the country for Russian tourists have risen in price due to the difference in currencies. “For two in an ordinary cafe or food court, lunch for two will cost you 200-300 baht (430-640 rubles),” the traveler orientated. As a result, he multiplied 250 baht for 30 days and received 16.5 thousand rubles. expenses per person.
  4. Entertainment: excursions, travel, taxi. “All excursions cost between 1.5-20 thousand baht per person, it all depends on your appetites. There is definitely something to see in Thailand, so there are a lot of excursions. If you are a fan of seeing everything, then feel free to stock up on extra 20 thousand baht (45 thousand rubles),” he added and included in the total amount the average value of two excursions for a vacation and a taxi ride – 5-7 thousand baht per month , i.e. 15.4 thousand rubles.

The total amount of expenses for independent vacation was, according to his calculations, 130.4 thousand rubles. for 1 person per month. Based on the amount received, the author concluded that it is unprofitable to travel to Thailand for less than a month.

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