A Russian tourist came to a popular country and was surprised when he changed 100 dollars and became a millionaire

A Russian tourist came to a popular country and was surprised when he changed 100 dollars and became a millionaire< /p> Domestic traveler unexpectedly turned into a millionaire when he came to Uzbekistan and exchanged $100. About what feelings he experienced and what he spent the money on, the tourist told in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

“The point is not that everyone in Uzbekistan earns a lot of money, but that the national currency of the country is valued very low,” the blogger revealed his secret. Recall that Uzbek sums are in use in the country. According to the current exchange rate, 1 soum is equal to $0.000088 or 0.0067 rubles. Nothing can be bought for this denomination in Uzbekistan. “The 5,000th banknote is not even worth the paper it is printed on. 5 thousand soums at the current exchange rate is about 33 Russian rubles. Considering that paper for banknotes is taken not ordinary, but with numerous degrees of protection against counterfeiting, this bill is really not even worth the paper on which it is printed, ”the author noted. The smallest banknote is 5,000 soums, while the most popular are 50 and 100,000 banknotes.

The blogger exchanged $100 and received more than a million soums. “As a result, for a million soums now they give only 6,600 rubles. or about $90. Therefore, salaries and prices in Uzbekistan are in the millions. No one earns less than a million a month in the country, and in the capital a salary of 4-5 million is considered normal. So everyone who comes to Uzbekistan automatically becomes millionaires after visiting the exchanger,” he shared and admitted that this is why the locals look joyful and happy.

Help: Originally the soum was introduced on November 15, 1993 as a national currency in the form of sum-coupons, existed in parallel with the Soviet ruble. Its appearance is associated with the protection of the country's economy from excess ruble mass.

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