A Russian tourist came to Malaysia and told how Russians are treated there now

A Russian tourist came to Malaysia and told how Russians are treated there now

Hitchhiking in Malaysia, I learned how our compatriots are treated in this country after the February events. According to him, the locals are careful in their statements and maintain a neutral political position. He spoke about this in his Yandex.Zen blog.

The author noted that he did not notice discrimination of tourists on the basis of nationality abroad and the abolition of Russian culture abroad, although since February 2022 he managed to travel around five countries: Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand and Malaysia. The tourist explained that the spreading horror stories about mass Russophobia have no real basis, we can only talk about isolated cases of aggression. And what do Russian travelers who arrived in Europe say? Read the details in the article “Russian tourist reported how Russians are now treated in Europe.”

As for anti-covid security measures at the borders, the tourist passed them without much difficulty, and somewhere even easily due to the resuming tourist flow after the pandemic and the lifting of all/some covid restrictions.

The traveler also has hitchhiking there were no difficulties. According to him, those who are not indifferent, who learned that the tourist arrived from Russia, gave him a ride for free, fed him and even gave money – in a word, they helped and supported him in every possible way, because they consider the ongoing geopolitical events to be the business of all states.

“As for Malaysia, they have a very, in our opinion, peaceful policy. They generally try to be friends with everyone and not act on anyone's side at the same time. People tell us that their country treats both Russia and America well, for example. Well, as I said earlier, they continue to host us without any problems, hitch a ride and help in every possible way, sometimes even more than before, when we were here 5 years ago,” he said.

In addition, the Russian urged not to believe everything they say, and to check the information through his colleagues, i.e. those who personally travel and can tell about the stop. The author also noted that now is not the worst time for tourism.

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