A Russian tourist came to one region of the Russian Federation and realized that there was nothing for vegetarians to do there

A Russian tourist came to one region of the Russian Federation and realized that there was nothing for vegetarians to do there

The domestic traveler visited cattle breeders in the Republic of Kalmykia, who live in harsh conditions in nature and eat mainly meat and milk. The man studied the life of the locals and warned that vegetarians have nothing to do in this Russian region.

As a tourist noted in his channel on Yandex.Zen, vegetables in the republic, located in the extreme southeast of the European part of Russia, practically do not grow, so 90% of the ingredients for dishes are meat and milk. Kalmyk cuisine is simple and very satisfying. Just what people who work physically need.

The traveler was invited to the table and treated to the following dishes:

  1. First – guirta mahan, i.e. boiled lamb with noodles. “Reminds me of a cross between a thick soup and a second course with gravy. Lamb is taken as it is. With fat, bones and cartilage – it doesn't matter. Then in the plate it will already be possible to figure out what is edible and what is not, but everything is cooked together. Pieces of boiled lamb must be dipped in shulum – the broth left after cooking with a fair amount of onions and black pepper. It turns out even more satisfying,” the author shared his gastronomic impressions.
  2. As for tea drinking, Kalmyks like this tradition, so they love tea in the region, but they drink it according to a special recipe – with the addition salt and milk. “First, ordinary black tea is brewed, the cheapest one is from Stavropol. Then it is boiled in a huge saucepan and milk and salt are added there. They say that in the heat such a drink helps to sweat well and get rid of thirst, ”the traveler shared.
  3. Although there is a small selection of desserts in the republic, nevertheless they are. On the table was presented the main and favorite dish of the Kalmyks – bortsok, which is a variant of common donuts or donuts made from rich dough. “The pieces of dough fried in oil stay in the sides for a long time if all these calories are not used up. But people in Kalmykia spend most of the day on the street, constantly doing some kind of physical labor,” he noted.

We add that the Kalmyk cuisine is rich in other national dishes and drinks. For example:

  1. Dotour is a hearty and fatty soup made from stewed lamb offal with milk and lard.
  2. Beriki is a variant of dumplings for which meat they do not grind through a meat grinder, but cut it finely.
  3. Jomba is a drink made from pressed tea with the addition of cream, spices (cinnamon, pepper), salt and butter or lamb fat.
  4. Chigyan — a sour-milk drink that replaces three drinks at once — kefir, koumiss and curdled milk.
  5. Hog-toson — fruits, more often in total, apples and pears boiled in sour cream are sometimes cooked with jam and sour cream.
  6. Bulmag – a very high-calorie and thick dessert made from boiled sour cream, butter, fresh fruit, jam, flour , raisins and sugar.

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