A Russian tourist compared a flight to Egypt with Aeroflot, a Rossiya charter and an Egyptian Almasria and was surprised

A Russian tourist compared a flight to Egypt with Aeroflot, a Rossiya charter and an Egyptian Almasria was surprised

The domestic traveler flew from Moscow to the resort town of Hurghada and back with the Russian airlines Aeroflot and its subsidiary Rossiya, and the tourist's friend flew from St. Petersburg with Egyptian airlines AlMasria. She published all the differences of the flight in her channel on Yandex.Zen.

According to the author, only Aeroflot pleased, Rossiya and especially AlMasria surprised, but, unfortunately, not in a positive way. Now about everything in order. As a reminder, Aeroflot has officially announced the resumption of direct flights from Moscow to the most popular Red Sea resorts in Egypt, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, from October 1.

What did you like about the early flight with Aeroflot? Comfortable stay on board and meals: “Aeroflot, as always, pleased me. Luggage 23 kg. The chairs opposite had built-in monitors for a multimedia entertainment system. Headphones, by the way, were also issued at the beginning of the flight … You could also read in real time on this screen which city the plane was flying past, or see from the camera the panorama currently opening outside the window. During the flight, they offered drinks (water, tea, coffee, juices) several times, and also organized hot meals.” For breakfast, the Russian woman chose pancakes, and each passenger was also served a croissant, bio-yogurt, half a boiled egg, cheese, cherry tomatoes, boiled pork, mayonnaise sauce, butter, milk chocolate.

As for the schedule, the flight took off exactly at the stated time, without delay, and landed exactly on time too. However, the tourist still had to sit on board – the Egyptian side, for some unknown reason, could not submit buses to the gangway for transfer from the aircraft to the terminal.

What did the Russian woman pay attention to on a charter flight back home? As the author noted, the fact that Rossiya is part of the Aeroflot group does not guarantee the same pleasant flight. “Things with the comfort of passengers are much sadder here. Luggage 10 kg. Departure from Egypt was delayed for an hour without explanation. No power, no multimedia screens. The flight from Moscow to Egypt is now about 6.5 hours, at least they gave me a small chocolate bar, miser, ”she was indignant. Instead of full meals, the flight attendants once walked around the cabin with a cart, offering cold/hot drinks, plus they brought water on request in paper cups.

But the flight of the blogger's girlfriend to Hurghada on the same dates, but from St. Petersburg by charter of the Egyptian carrier AlMasria and back, turned out to be even worse than that of Rossiya. At the last moment, the airport announced a flight delay of several hours – this is the worst thing for tired travelers. As it turned out, this behavior is the norm for this airline: “All Petersburgers with whom I spoke in Hurghada complained about a 3-4 hour delay in their flight.”

There were other disadvantages: “Luggage 10 kg. The food is albeit modest – only a sandwich consisting of a roll and a cheap, tasteless sausage. There was no sauce, no greens, no piece of vegetable in this sandwich. No tea or coffee was offered to passengers during the flight, only cold drinks. Bottled water 0.33 or juices (mango, orange, apple or guava, to choose from).

However, if I had to choose between two evils, then, the author noted, she would choose the domestic “Russia” without food, and not the Egyptian Almasria with a bad menu and regular many hours of delays.

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