A Russian tourist encountered unique services in New Zealand and was surprised

A Russian tourist encountered unique services in New Zealand and was surprised

A Russian tourist encountered unique services in distant New Zealand and was pleasantly surprised by their range . In this country she discovered “fantastic offers” that, in her opinion, could not be found in Russia. She provided a list of relevant rare services on the pages of her Zen channel “Ershova Marina”.

Let’s list what delighted the domestic traveler:

  1. Celestial observations with an astronomer . In New Zealand, thanks to the absence of smog and large cities, the night sky is always clear and silent. Tourists can rent a personal astronomer who will conduct celestial observations and share knowledge about cosmic phenomena. The listeners will have a pleasant impression, the author assured.
  2. Caravan with a personal chef. Offers the opportunity to rent a motorhome with a personal chef. Travelers can enjoy New Zealand's scenic drives without having to worry about cooking or dining out, with a chef on hand to serve.
  3. Marine Research on a Research Vessel. For those dreaming of ocean adventures, there is the opportunity to take part in marine research on a research vessel. Under the guidance of professionals, you can learn more about the underwater world and even master navigation skills by the stars.
  4. Rent an island on the lake. Tourists can rent an entire island on the lake for unforgettable weddings, events or a romantic retreat. This is an incredible opportunity to create a unique atmosphere on your own island.
  5. Bike tours through the vineyards. For wine lovers, a tour of local vineyards on electric bicycles is available. The organizers promise that tourists will enjoy beautiful views and get acquainted with the production of high-quality wine.

“This country never ceases to amaze me with its unusual ideas,” the tourist noted. At the same time, users under her post added that the traveler did not tell anything new, because All this is available in Russia, if only there was money. “30 seconds of searching and you will find an island for rent, for example, on the Volga, and a tour of the starry sky with an experienced astronomer (RUB 7,500), and travel through the underwater world, and a personal chef on the trip… In all Organized group hikes have long been like this. Usually this is the responsibility of the organizer, the guide,” retorted one of the users.

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