A Russian tourist found 5 places in Alanya where excellent Turkish cuisine is available for only 100-500 rubles

A Russian tourist found 5 places in Alanya where excellent Turkish cuisine is available for only 100-500 rubles

It is quite possible for tourists to have a delicious dinner for 100-500 rubles in a cafe in the popular resort town of Alanya in Turkey, if you know where. A Russian traveler who recently returned from a resort to Russia shared a list of establishments with good Turkish cuisine.

“As a rule, even in the off-season during peak hours, they have all the places filled, and even the line is on the street,” she noted on her channel in Yandex.Zen and added several reasons for the demand for gastronomic outlets. Firstly, they cook only from fresh products, not from frozen ones, dishes are cooked exclusively to order, so nothing is reheated, the low cost of dishes, accessible to both students and civil servants, not to mention foreign tourists who have found funds, to come to the country to relax.

Here is a list of such places and dishes that the author recommended to try:

  1. İsos Döner — shawarma. The cost is from 30 liras (from 120 rubles), while in tourist areas the price for a dish varies from 70 to 90 liras (280-360 rubles). The institution “is located in the very center, near the intersection of Ataturk Boulevard and Gülen Street (exact address: Saray Mahallesi, Gülen Sk. No: 6/A)”. Shawarma is offered to take with you or eat in the dining room. “Sell it separately or in a set with french fries and cola (or ayran). The kitchen is right there, behind a glass partition, so you can watch the process,” the traveler said.
  2. Saklibahce Sebithane & Cafe – gozleme. The cost with tea is from 30 lira (from 120 rubles). Popular in the republic, thin cakes with filling are baked by craftsmen in a special saj frying pan. The establishment is not located in the middle of nowhere, but “in the place most visited by tourists in Alanya – in the lower part of the Seljuk fortress, not far from the Red Tower (exact address: Tophane Mahallesi, Tersane Sk. No: 7) and is a home cafe where the tables are located directly in the courtyard”. Tortillas are served with vegetables and olives.
    However, the author also recommended climbing to the top of the fortress to taste the most delicious gozleme in Alanya. Home cafe without a name and a mark on the map, owned by an elderly couple, is located near the Sulemaniye mosque: “grandmother cooks flat cakes, grandfather takes orders and delivers them.” The average price of a dinner is about 50-60 liras (200-240 rubles).
  3. HANCI Bistro & Patisserie – pide. The cost is from 80 lira (from 320 rubles). Bistro tourists on Atatürk Boulevard, near the Atatürk monument at Şekerhane, 9. Sk. You can eat both in the dining room and on the veranda, located directly on the boulevard, and orders are taken by waiters. “There are several items of Turkish national dishes on the menu, various desserts. Here you can also try salep – a hot milk drink with spices. Here I recommend paying attention to pide – a bread cake (the dough is thin, resembles pizza) in the shape of a boat, on which cheese or minced meat is placed. The dish is served with vegetables,” the tourist advised.
  4. Kiosk in the port of Alanya – balyk ekmek. The cost is from 75 liras (from 300 rubles). The landmark in order to find it is the embankment near the Red Tower. “Balyk ekmek” translated into Russian simply means “bread with fish”. However, the Turks understand it a little differently: a huge soft bun stuffed with fried fish. Tourists choose the type of fish themselves.
  5. Tavuk Dünyası – chicken. The cost is from 100 lira (from 400 rubles). The restaurant is easy to find as is located in the center of the resort town, more precisely – on Ataturk Boulevard at Kadıpaşa, Atatürk Blv. No:36/B. Landmark – LC Waikiki store. Guests are offered a menu with various chicken dishes. For example, Turkish options for barbecue, cutlets, meatballs. For visitors there is both a dining room and a veranda. There are always a lot of people who want to have lunch and dinner there, the author assured, so you will have to be patient to make an order, especially during rush hour.

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