A Russian tourist found out the prices for food in the UK and was surprised by the cheapness

Russian tourist found out the prices for food in the UK and was surprised by the cheapness

Amid reports of another increase in the cost of living in the UK, the price of food products on the shelves of the famous city of Cambridge seems comparable to Russian ones – a Russian tourist was surprised at such cheapness and shared the prices on her blog on Yandex.Zen. She was especially surprised by the price of cheese.

“I used to always think that everything is very expensive in the UK – it turns out, not everything,” the author remarked in surprise, referring not to utility costs, but to basic food items. Recall that the exchange rate of the ruble to the pound sterling is approximately 72 rubles. Here are the prices for selected products in the Aldi store, which is approximately on the same level as the Russian chain store at home.


  1. Milk – 118 rubles/2.28 liters< /li>
  2. Cheddar cheese — 335 rubles/kg
  3. Carrot — 32 rubles/kg
  4. Onion — 47 rubles/kg
  5. Fish : Salmon fillet — 1.100 RUB/kg
  6. Ground beef — 380 RUB/kg
  7. Pork steaks — 208 RUB/2 large pieces
  8. Chicken fillet — 460 rubles/kg

“It’s true that the prices for chicken have slightly “pulled out” from the list, but there is some kind of strange situation with chickens: for example, from today, eggs began to be sold no more than 12 pieces per hand, now they are sold in packs of 6 or 12, ” a compatriot said in confusion.

Let's add that in early November, the British media, citing sources in the management of retail outlets, did indeed broadcast the news that UK supermarkets could limit the sale of eggs due to a shortage. The reason for the shortage of a basic commodity is the outbreak of bird flu and the death of millions of chickens during the heat of summer. In addition, it was reported that many farmers are leaving the area, because. do not want to suffer losses due to the increase in feed prices after the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

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