A Russian tourist in a car said what is really needed to pass the border with Georgia and Turkey

A Russian tourist in a car said what is really needed to pass the border with Georgia and Turkey

A domestic tourist who went on a road trip from Russia to Turkey via Georgia shared his experience and talked about the real steps needed to successfully cross the border in the summer of 2023. The traveler shared instructions and information about the real state of affairs on the borders of the three countries in his Zen channel “TRAMP”.

Preparing for your trip

The tourist said that his journey will take more than a month and during this time he will travel 8 thousand kilometers. According to him, he did not need any special preparation to travel by car to Turkey. He took with him valid passports, documents for a car (for owners) or a power of attorney (for direct drivers), a driver's license and cash in euros. He also took an international driver's license, although in the future the document was not required either in Georgia or in Turkey. The tourist stressed that a minimum of documents and a great desire are all that is needed for a successful trip.

Crossing the border with Georgia

At the entrance to the Upper Lars checkpoint from the Russian side, the tourist was met by a convoy of trucks. However, there was no queue for cars, which included the car of a compatriot. He was able to check in on the Russian side of the border in just 20 minutes. Then I drove through neutral territory for about 3 km to the border with Georgia.

Arriving on the Georgian side, the tourist spent a little more time on registration – only about 1.5 hours. There, border guards ask tourists to get out of the car and independently register at the main building of the checkpoint. He stressed that it is important not to queue for buses, so as not to waste extra time. The tourist also noted that he was not asked for insurance at the border with Georgia, although quite recently they began to require insurance or OSAGO to enter this republic by car.

Insurance and border crossing with Turkey


The tourist said that offers to buy insurance for Turkey appear already at the entrance to the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Russian side. He advised to take out insurance after crossing the border with Georgia, because. insurance is not checked at the border itself, and you can go without it. At the same time, before passing the border with Turkey, cars and passengers will not be allowed in without insurance. “As soon as you have registered, there will be a sign immediately to the right where you can get the same insurance (for a month) for 25 euros (which is already 2,500 rubles). Even if you pass this building, it’s okay, there will be many more stalls like this ahead that will offer you insurance,” he clarified.

Upon arrival at the border with Turkey (Sarpi checkpoint), barkers offered the tourist to make insurance and exchange currency and intimidated him with problems that he would face further if he did not take advantage of their offer. At the same time, the author noted that the exchange rate and the cost of insurance from these intermediaries are unprofitable. Moreover, the traveler urged not to be afraid of allegations that insurance cannot be purchased. “These are all tricks,” the compatriot assured, noting that crossing the border turned out to be simple and uncomplicated.

“After passing the registration, the car flow is divided into two parts (this all happens at the checkpoint itself). One line goes with insurance, the other moves without insurance. And everything is convenient that in the same queue. Without leaving the car, this insurance can be done. Without insurance, you will not be released from the Sarpi checkpoint, ”the author shared. All actions at the border took the Russian 2 hours, most of which he just stood in line.

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