A Russian tourist in a market in Turkey converted prices into rubles and was shocked

A Russian tourist converted prices into rubles at a market in Turkey and was shocked

“Unrealistically low prices” amazed and even shocked a Russian traveler with goods on the market in the Turkish tourist city of Alanya. Against the backdrop of wild inflation in Turkey, their cost seems especially surprising. The compatriot gave examples of prices in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

As the author noted, both citizens of the republic and foreigners, including Russians, visit the local vegetable market, “because such prices as in this market, cannot be found in any country where tourists come to Alanya from.” “When I got inside, I realized that I was where I wanted to be – in the territory of insanely low prices,” he shared.

What can I buy? Vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, nuts, dried fruits are available.

Here is a list of prices for 1 kg for popular vegetables and fruits:

  1. Tomatoes – 8 liras (32 rubles at the exchange rate at the time the tourist visited the market)
  2. Sweet peppers – 8- 10 lire (32-40 rubles)
  3. Zucchini — 15 lire (60 rubles)
  4. Oranges — 8 lire (32 rubles)
  5. Apples — 5-10 lire (20-40 rubles)
  6. Strawberries – 35 lire (140 rubles). “Due to the good climate in the vicinity of Alanya, several harvests of strawberries are harvested a year,” the tourist added.
  7. A glass of hot Turkish tea to invigorate a good mood – 5 lira (20 rubles)

“And this is January. And what will happen in the season? Maybe they'll give it away for free? Most likely no. After all, they don’t hand out oranges plucked in local gardens for nothing, although the season for their collection begins in October and lasts almost until January, the traveler reflected after an hour of walking between the counters. – … Tired of the constant noise, I was amazed at how sellers for 10 hours in a row can serve customers in such an environment. Probably, this is facilitated by the favorite drink of all Turks – tea.

How to find an Alanya vegetable market with incredibly low prices? Every Tuesday, the market unfolds almost in the city center, next to the fish market. Local residents, knowing about the prices offered, buy food there for future use. According to the observation of a compatriot, women mainly go to the bazaar as a buyer.

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