A Russian tourist in a popular country went on an excursion with his family and suddenly died mysteriously

A Russian tourist in a popular country went on an excursion with his family and mysteriously died suddenly

the popular island of Sri Lanka when he went with his family on an excursion to a local attraction. The shocking incident was reported by the Sri Lankan edition of Newswire.

According to the data, a 37-year-old Russian citizen after visiting the tourist attraction “Poonchi Siripada” (mountain of butterflies) in the small village of Ella suddenly fell ill and died. Police officials explained that the man visited the famous site with his wife and child, as well as another Russian couple.

He reportedly fell ill while traveling in a three-wheeled vehicle and died upon arrival at the hospital. The body of the Russian was taken to the Badulla district hospital, while the Ella tourist police are investigating a strange incident. The doctors have not yet informed relatives and the press about the causes of death.

Reference: Siripada – Adam's Peak, a mountain 2.243 meters high in the western part of the island of Sri Lanka. Translated from Sinhala, it means “Mountain of Butterflies”. Buddhists consider the place sacred. At the top of the mountain there is a granite platform 21 m long and 10 m wide. It is surrounded by a 1 m high wall protecting a small open temple. Beneath it, on an outstanding rock, the “Sacred Footprint” is visible, i.e. there is a “footprint” of the Buddha, which represents a depression that has received the shape of a foot by human efforts.

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