A Russian tourist in America discovered three methods of how locals get out after a New Year's hangover, and was surprised

A Russian tourist in America discovered three methods of how locals get out after a New Year's hangover, and was surprised

“Americans are saved from a hangover by no means cucumber pickle, kefir or hot broth. They have their own methods. Moreover, they are quite funny, ”a Russian tourist traveling in the United States published such an intriguing wording on his Yandex.Zen blog. In total, he singled out three amazing methods of how local people recover from a New Year's hangover.

The author noted that a “mayonnaise coma” has come in Russia, which begins immediately after December 31st. “This is when in the morning the whole family crawls out with a slight (or not so) headache to the kitchen to have breakfast with the remnants of salads from the New Year's table: Olivier, fur coat, crab. That is, saturate with mayonnaise in their composition. Well, somehow escape, in between times, from a hangover, ”he explained.

At the same time, other principles of combating hangovers are practiced in the United States. Firstly, this is the most popular cocktail called Prairie Oyster, which is important to drink in one gulp. It doesn't take long to prepare: you need a raw egg or egg yolk, a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and a couple of drops of Tabasco sauce.

Help: Worcestershire (or Worcestershire sauce) is a sweet and sour, slightly savory fermented English sauce made with vinegar, sugar and fish.

Secondly, also a cocktail, but different. Its base is a glass of tomato juice mixed with two raw eggs. It is important to mix everything until a homogeneous mass is obtained and drink, the blogger assured.

Thirdly, a McDonald's hamburger. The tourist was surprised to note that the Americans “do not waste time” and recommend eating two at once, so that there is no trace of a hangover. “For some time, there was even a rumor in American society that a special additive was put in hamburgers – just for a hangover. Of course, this is complete nonsense, but some believed for a long time, ”the traveler said about the marketing ploy.

Along with the three listed ways to deal with headaches and nausea after excessive drinking, spicy Mexican food, scrambled eggs are also common in the United States from Denny's, as well as six cans of cola drunk at a time (however, the tourist did not specify the volume of cans), plus a regular milkshake.

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