A Russian tourist in America found out why in American cafes walls are pasted over with dollars instead of wallpaper, and was surprised

A Russian tourist in America found out why in American cafes walls are covered with dollars instead of wallpaper, and was surprised

A domestic tourist saw with his own eyes that the walls in various American cafes, from floor to ceiling, were pasted over with dollars instead of wallpaper. However, why the owners need such a peculiar interior was surprised to find out a compatriot and told on the pages of his blog on Yandex.Zen.

The author clarified that he saw several such establishments at once in two US states – Arizona and California, and in others along the Route 66 highway, he did not see anything like it. “Here, the walls and even the ceilings are tightly sealed with dollar bills, literally president to president. It looks like it's wallpaper. In some establishments, the density of the pasting is such that after the space on the walls and ceiling is over, banknotes are pasted over the “wallpaper”, which makes the walls look like “furry” surfaces,” he said.

< p>Why is this needed? As it turned out, it has become a tradition among tourists to leave a “dollar footprint” after some “significant” establishments. “By analogy with “Vasya was here” a nail on the wall, only in a more effective and interesting form. Visitors sign banknotes with their names and stick them on the wall, ceiling or on top of other banknotes of previous travelers,” the compatriot added.

Who knows, perhaps the general cleaning of such cafes will one day bring their owners a tangible sum of money. So, there is a case when, during a pandemic, the owner of a bar on Tibi Island, located in the state of Georgia, did not have the money to pay compensation to her employees. The establishment closed, but the hostess found a way out – she removed the hanging dollars from the walls, which tourists had been sticking for 15 years. The job of cleaning the walls and ceiling took a week. After recalculating the cash, it turned out that the visitors left $3,714 (almost 256,000 rubles at the current exchange rate).

The owner of another American establishment took a more solid amount from the ceiling and walls. About five years ago, the owner of a small restaurant Fat Smitty's in the USA started a renovation and collected $10,316 (about 710 thousand rubles), which guests left for 25 years.

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