A Russian tourist in America suddenly realized that drivers in Russia live in greenhouse conditions

A Russian tourist in America suddenly realized that drivers in Russia live in greenhouse conditions

Compared to the USA, drivers in Russia really live in greenhouse conditions. This conclusion was made by a domestic tourist who went on a big trip around America.

If in the Russian Federation motorists receive small fines for violating traffic rules, which can be paid with a 50% discount, then in the USA everything is different, you won’t spoil it, the traveler noted on his blog on Yandex.Zen. According to the compatriot, American legislation has developed tough fines for American drivers, which “ours” have not even heard of. “Not only are the fines not so “childish” at all, but also all sorts of different fines for a wagon and a small cart. And some are so exotic that you might not even guess!” – he noted and added that at the entrance to many states there are signs explaining some local special rules. The main thing is to notice them and react.

Firstly, large fines are provided for garbage left on the road. “Russian drivers, thanks to whom the roadsides in our country are so polluted, would be very severely punished (in the USA) for throwing a pack of cigarettes, a chocolate bar wrapper, or coffee or plastic glasses left out of a car window out of habit. bottles. Depending on the state, they can be fined from $100 to $500 (6,800-34,000 rubles), and if you think of throwing out a lot of garbage, then up to $10,000 (68,000 rubles)!” — the turboblogger gave the first example.

Secondly, you will also have to pay for a downed road worker. On the sides of overseas roads there are warning signs with the amount of the fine for this particular offense.

Thirdly, drivers who ignored a sign urging them to slow down on sections of the road by half if they see an emergency vehicle or roadside assistance standing on the side of the road will have to put money out of pocket to pay a fine. “If a policeman stops in this zone for exceeding, then the fine is calculated at a double rate. A similar warning to halve the speed at the roadworks and a clear fine in case of violation is $ 250 (17,000 rubles),” the traveler said about the state of Oklahoma.

Even if drivers do not see police officers around , you should not rush to press the pedal to the floor, because. the roads are full of “well-wishers”. “In America, snitching is welcome. I saw that someone driving on the road looks like a drunk, call the short number and he will be “hit”. The traffic police, in the event of a call, appear surprisingly quickly, even on seemingly deserted sections of highways. Well, in Arizona, drivers are warned at all that the speed limit is controlled from … aircraft! Not drones, but small police planes,” the author concluded.

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