A Russian tourist in America understood the differences between local homeless people and Russian ones and was surprised

A Russian tourist in America understood the differences between local homeless people and Russian ones and was surprised

A Russian tourist met many locals during his trip to the USA homeless people and at some point understood their difference from Russian ones. It's all about the lack of rigid budgeting, the desire to live beautifully, but beyond one's means, and, as a result, a terrible debt load.

“Homeless people in America are a separate local phenomenon. There are many of them, they are colorful and do not look like Russian homeless people at all. First of all, the fact that they are not clogged and do not leave the feeling of “dregs of society” at all. This is in appearance, and in how they behave, and in how they communicate, and even in how they feel. Most of them will not grovel, beg and, tail between their legs, quietly retreat. Try to just try to drive them away or something. They will immediately answer that they are free Americans, that they have rights and stuff like that. And you can’t tell them anything, ”a Russian traveler said on the pages of his Yandex.Zen blog and was surprised at the huge difference between American homeless people and Russian ones.

There is an opinion that even former millionaires are on the streets in America. However, according to a compatriot, this is not so. The bulk of the vagabonds are former mortgage holders who at some point lost their jobs and therefore were left without a roof over their heads – such a conclusion was made by a compatriot after a conversation with Russians living in the States.

Here is an excerpt from the story of a compatriot: “It's all about the nature of how people become homeless in America and how different this process is from that on the territory of the former Soviet Union. A lot of Americans end up on the street not because they sank to the bottom, drank up their houses/apartment/car or were scammed by black realtors. Here the reason is in the economic system itself, based on the purchase of everything and everything on credit, with a long horizon. And the habit of living like this, without rigid budgeting and calculating the real possibility of covering a giant mortgage…
For example, you work as a cleaner, but you buy not a single apartment in a basement, but … your own house. And it doesn't matter that he eats off half of the income a month. You work as a driver, you buy a three-bedroom house. The manager is a house in a prestigious area. The leader is a penthouse or a house on the coast with a pool and a grove.
And then a crisis comes, a company closes, or you get fired for some reason. And then suddenly you find that you have … incredible mortgage payments, and no more income. You have a huge house, yesterday your income was a million a year, and today you have a zero account and huge bills every month from the bank for the house. A month passes, two, three, and … you leave your home. The paid money cannot be returned, there is nothing to pay the rest of the loan. As a result, no money, no home. Sometimes there is a car left. And the person lives in it. Or he sells, if he's smart, and rents a room in a working-class neighborhood.”

Most often, however, they stay under a bridge or in tents set up on the sidewalk. Over the years, for many of them, homelessness becomes a way of life, especially since the US authorities pay them state benefits …

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