A Russian tourist in Germany counted 10 products that are unusual for Russians and that Germans adore.

A Russian tourist in Germany counted 10 products that are unusual for Russians and that Germans adore

“You can’t find them in Russia, but in Germany – in any supermarket,” – this phrase intrigued the domestic traveler, counting 10 products adored by Germans, but unusual for Russians. The list is presented in her Zen channel “Alone in a Strange City.”

So, here are the foods that Germans adore, but Russians would be surprised to see on supermarket shelves:

  1. Sauerkraut brine. The Germans love sauerkraut, which is considered an excellent side dish for meat dishes and is good for health. Sauerkraut brine is also popular, it contains vitamins and helps normalize intestinal function.
  2. Kloßteig or Knödelteig – dough for dumplings. Dumplings or dumplings are boiled balls of dough, a popular dish in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In Germany, for example, dumplings are prepared from regular dough or potato dough and served as a side dish for meat.
  3. Spätzle. German “pasta” with an unusual shape and cooking method. They are cooked “fresh” by rolling out the dough and squeezing it into boiling water. You can also find spaetzle with spinach, which are green.
  4. Nudelsalat. This German “pasta salad” with pasta, mayonnaise and vegetables is reminiscent of a dish often seen in Turkish hotels. It is available in supermarkets.
  5. Leberkäse. The name “Liver cheese” may be misleading, but in fact it is meat bread made from beef and pork, and contains neither liver nor cheese, the author clarified.
  6. Weißwurst . “White sausages” are made from veal, lard and spices, but without nitrites, hence their “unsightly” white-gray color. Traditionally, this product is consumed before lunch. In addition, this is due to historical necessity, since in ancient times, without refrigerators, sausages could not be stored for a long time.
  7. Brathering. A classic German dish of herring, which is gutted, dredged in flour and fried in vegetable oil, then marinated with vinegar and onions. They eat it like salted herring, often with boiled or fried potatoes.
  8. Raw minced meat for sandwiches. This custom causes controversy, even among a friend's family living in Germany. The Germans season fresh minced pork with salt, pepper and onion and spread it on bread instead of pate. In other countries, the tradition of eating raw meat is also still alive.
  9. Butter with garlic and herbs. In Germany, for the above dishes, not ordinary butter is used, but butter with additives in the form of herbs and garlic.
  10. Russian products. Russian products are found in Germany. As a rule, stores open where the Russian-speaking diaspora lives. But it’s interesting that these products can also be bought in regular supermarkets, which is a surprise for most.

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