A Russian tourist in India told the locals that he was from America and was surprised

A Russian tourist in India told the locals that he was from America and was surprised

A Russian tourist, traveling in India, decided to conduct an experiment: introducing himself to the locals as a tourist who had flown in from the United States, he wanted to test the reaction of Indians to Americans. “Will they attack with stones or will they disown me?” asked the traveler. He shared his results on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the author, if he answered honestly that he was from Russia, the locals always reacted friendly and something like this: “Oh, Russia. Oh Putin. Oh, friendly, believe friendly. Russia”, the man came to life, smiled … And so the Indians react to the Russians CONSTANTLY!

“I'm used to their rave reviews. They begin to smile, gesticulate with their hands our vast territory, what a huge country Russia is after all. They do it with a smile. They somehow remind me of Chinese. Only those immediately out of politeness shoves cigarettes at you. But in India, no one smokes, so they only smile sweetly and praise the visualized Russia,” the tourist noted.

In a vegetable shop, he decided to answer a new acquaintance that he had arrived in India from the United States. As a result, the seller's face changed: “his eyes became like 2 ruble coins.” “He just silently looked at me. You can think whatever you want, but what will a grown man really do to me? Well, he heard “America”, well, even if he doesn’t love her, like all the other people watching television propaganda, he didn’t attack me with scales. He just shook his head, weighed my bags, I thanked for the service and disappeared,” he added.

However, the Russian was surprised at the manifestation of antisympathy for the country unloved by the Indians and called him “too sluggish”: “Where is the hatred that they feel for all Americans, and where is the attack on me with a club, or at least with the biggest eggplant.”

A similar reaction followed from a pharmacist in a pharmacy: “The seller, having heard that I am a pure American, was a little surprised and began to demonstrate America, as in the case of Russia, as an immense country. And again, I didn't feel negative.”

Summing up the results of his express experiment, the Russian concluded that the attitude of the locals towards the United States is the same as in Russia. “They don't like their American neighbors! I made this conclusion when I talk with Indian friends on political topics over a cup of sugary masala chai. But Indians sincerely love Russians and Russia. Although the question of who they are, at this time, there is a clear answer: India is for itself! India will do what suits itself!” he concluded.

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