A Russian tourist in New Zealand realized that a “Russian girl” would not be understood here

On her journey through distant New Zealand one Russian tourist made an interesting observation: she realized that her traditional standards of external beauty, so familiar and important in Russia, do not find a response there at all. She left her observations about the strong contrast in relation to appearance between Russian and New Zealand women in her channel “Ershova Marina” in “Zen”.

According to a compatriot, in the Maori country, a Russian girl will not be understood in her desire to look elegant and spectacular, since New Zealand women stand for freedom and naturalness, albeit sometimes seeming inappropriate. So, one of the key points that the tourist drew attention to is the desire of Russian girls to look “at 100”. This is invested in culture: grooming, elegance and femininity are important components of appearance. “We are accustomed to paying great attention to appearance, following fashion trends and devoting time to skin, hair and nail care. This is how we attract men without noticing that we spend all the money on beauty,” the traveler noted.

However, in New Zealand, everything is different: women do not fight for external attractiveness, so Russian beauties who find themselves in this country will be lonely. Their desire to look attractive and neat, simply will not be understood. “Here I was faced with a complete lack of beauty and femininity,” the blogger noted with surprise. Local girls choose a more free and natural lifestyle. Their appearance is not subject to radical transformations. They prefer naturalness, convenience and ease, distancing themselves from make-up, makeup, perfume and frilly clothes. This is a kind of value, and women are proud of their naturalness.

The tourist also noticed that New Zealand women simply do not understand the desire of Russian girls for neatness and fashion. “No woman will spend money on appearance. Even for a date with a man, he will not make any effort. That's what it is – love it like that! — she told about her impression of foreign young ladies.

In addition, those Russian women who “settled” in New Zealand often begin to adapt to local norms: they change their habits, refuse shoes with heels and excessive make-up, the author noted. Such freedom in approaching appearance is not easy for those who grew up in a culture where appearance is often an important attribute.

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