A Russian tourist in Thailand said why it is safer to book a multi-storey hotel than a bungalow

A Russian tourist in Thailand said why it is safer to book a multi-storey hotel than a bungalow

Refuse a bungalow near the jungle or ocean in favor of a multi-storey hotel in Thailand, a Russian traveler called on his compatriots on the pages of his blog in Yandex.Zen, talking about his personal experience of living in this Asian country.

“Do not forget one very important truth: in Thailand and similar countries there is a climate of eternal summer and very specific features of living and being in these natural latitudes are associated with this … Choosing beautiful bungalows near the jungle and the ocean, they (tourists) may not verbally encounter uninvited guests, who are not always cute crabs or parrots, but often these are very unpleasant and even poisonous tropical creatures, meeting with which does not bode well, ”the author warned.

The traveler also noticed that tropical nights are the time when living danger crawls out. “All living creatures of the equatorial strip are activated at night and begin to settle in the territory of nearby buildings in search of food.” In the daytime, they are not visible, because. the sun is baking and the air is too hot.

At night, they easily make their way to one-story wooden bungalows, romantically located near the water or near virgin rainforests. Who are they? As a rule, tropical animals: spiders, scorpions, ants, mosquitoes, centipedes, centipedes, poisonous snakes, etc. In addition, terrible local cockroaches, which very often get into food in local canteens and restaurants, also scare inexperienced travelers.

“It happens that even such huge monitor lizards come to visit nearby hotels. Of course, such large lizards are rare and at least you can see and hear them moving around the hotel or the beach. However, meeting with them is also very dangerous, since the bite of this creature is quite unpleasant and can lead to disastrous consequences, including blood poisoning, ”a compatriot warned.

In this regard, multi-storey hotels in the city help to minimize meetings with local representatives of the animal world. However, even there you can’t hide from insects and other unpleasant neighbors. According to the blogger, he previously lived on the sixth floor of a hotel on the main resort island of Phuket in the Patong area and local tropical animals constantly visited there even with the windows closed.

The most pleasant of them was a curious little gecko. How he climbed so high is a mystery to the tourist. The most likely version of the blogger is that the lizard climbed into his backpack on the beach. “I have no idea what the gecko ate in the room, but every day and evening he ran over our suitcases and along the walls in the room. I felt much sorry for him, and one evening I managed to catch him and set him free by opening the window and putting him on the air conditioner,” the author said.

The author called for vigilance when visiting cafes, local eateries and even in the toilet he advised not to relax much. “There are cases when snakes get into hotels through the local sewerage, but this, of course, is an exception to the rule, but this is also possible. Indeed, in the same Thailand, the sewer system on the streets is closed with ordinary grates and any tropical living creatures, including snakes, can get there, ”he gave another argument for the emergence of a phobia.

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