A Russian tourist in Turkey learned what a “complete mess” is and what is its use

Turkey is often a complete mess – with such a thesis was made on the pages of his blog on “Yandex.Zen” by a Russian tourist traveling in a resort country. What he really meant and what is the use, we will consider below.

As the author explained, in different languages ​​there are words similar in sound – the so-called interlingual homonyms. They are characterized by both very similar meanings, which “allows a foreigner to understand something in local life,” and directly opposite, which often causes ridiculous situations. And there are just coincidences, the Russian is sure.

One of these words – bardak (brothel) – in Turkish means “glass”. “We have a complete mess can begin after a couple of glasses of something strong. And here bardak is quite a normal glass. It can be a glass of tea, a glass of juice, or a glass of popcorn. Anything that can fit in a glass. And even a glass without contents, ”the blogger explained. As it turned out, this word, consonant with Russian, but having a completely different meaning, is very useful in Turkey.

If you ask a cafe to bring tea, then, most likely, the visitor will receive a small glass of traditional pear-shaped shape – the so-called armudu, its volume is only about 100 ml. “Such a portion is not at all for getting drunk. This is a symbolic dose – it is usually taken at the end of dinner, often with a cigarette (smoking is injurious to health),” the compatriot specified.

And how to ask for tea in the volume that Russians are used to? Clarify that bardak is needed. According to the tourist, some take the armud and the mess for the same vessel, because. both are essentially a glass. However, there is a difference: “… popcorn mess may exist in nature, but popcorn armud never occurs. And in the cafe on the menu you can find just such a division by volume – armud (small)/mess (large). “If you want a normal mug of tea, order bardak,” the author gave valuable advice.

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