A Russian tourist in Turkey suddenly realized why Russians are not loved and denied access to local banks

A Russian tourist in Turkey suddenly realized why Russians are not liked and denied in local banks< /p> A Russian tourist, who had a rest in Turkey, spoke about an unpleasant situation, after which it suddenly became clear to her why Russians are not liked there and they are denied service in local banks. The author shared the story on her blog on Yandex.Zen.

A compatriot came to a Turkish bank to withdraw money from a personal card opened in Kyrgyzstan. “Usually there are no problems with this procedure, but this time I had to go around several different banks, because everywhere they refused when they found out that I was Russian. I was very surprised – this is the first time. But, after an hour, everything became clear and fell into place, ”the traveler began her story.

According to her, banking services are not developed in Turkey, as in Russia, so banking services take a lot of time, “and the decision depends on the specific person – the employee who works with you.” Not accustomed to this, the Russians “boil”, make scandals, and, on occasion, they “swing” rights. Therefore, employees of Turkish banks prefer not to contact such clients and immediately refuse service.

Further, the blogger said that she came to the department again, where I worked mainly, I am already a young staff. However, this time she got “to her grandfather, who works very slowly and does not understand the first time where what data needs to be entered.” The situation was aggravated by problems with equipment: the computer kept freezing, and the information in the program was not saved.

At that moment, an incident occurred, after which the Russian woman became ashamed of her compatriots: “At this time, two men in line begin to resent loudly, shout in Russian and roll up a scandal, demanding to serve customers faster, allegedly, they have already lost too much time here. The situation is heating up every minute, at the request of the bank employees to calm down and wait, the men begin a rough showdown, with threats and insults against the staff and the Turks.

All this lasts for 10-15 minutes , during which all work in the office stops: bank employees try to calm the men, and they, in turn, scold even more. As a result, with difficulty, the guards took them out of the room, and the leader gave the order to refuse all Russians today.

In general, as it turned out later, these guys have been driving around bank offices in Izmir (a Turkish tourist city) since the very morning and, in an attempt to withdraw money, they throw tantrums, when something does not suit them, “pump their licenses”. After that, the Turks, of course, do not want to work with the Russians. As soon as the brawlers were kicked out, I had to apologize for my compatriots. The Turk who served me said that such tricks from the Russians had already happened, so it is often easier for them to refuse than to get involved. /p>

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