A Russian tourist revealed a long-tormented question: why there are no brushes in the toilets of America

A Russian tourist revealed a question that has long tormented him: why do toilets in America have no brushes

During the evolution of toilets and toilet bowls in the United States, there were never brushes in bars, cafes, or expensive restaurants. The reason is simple – they are not needed. A Russian tourist traveling around America reported this amazing delicate discovery on his Yandex.Zen channel.

“If you go to a public toilet in a bar, cafe, expensive restaurant, then for sure you will never see a brush near the toilet there. Well, it seemed to be okay. These are massively visited places. In our toilets at railway stations, you know, there is also often no time for brushes. But exactly the same picture will be expected in a hotel room, and if you come to visit the Americans in their house. Go to the restroom to think, and there … there is no brush, ”said the compatriot and added that this tool for cleaning the toilet bowl in American toilets will not be useful at all.

It's all about the toilets themselves, or rather, their designs, which differ from ours. In the USA, however, as in many Asian countries (Thailand, China, etc.), all toilets are of the siphon type. As it turned out, there are many advantages to using just such a design, and therefore it is much more convenient than the traditional one:

  1. Firstly, there is no tank in the siphon toilet.
  2. Secondly, due to the fact that a special device creates a whirlpool that sucks the contents into the sewer, no re-flushing and additional waste of water is required.
  3. Thirdly, in siphon toilets, after draining, water is collected in volume up to half a bucket.

“Since there is always a sufficiently large amount of water in a siphon toilet, the waste immediately enters the water and does not stain the walls. Accordingly, they then do not need to be removed from these walls with a brush,” the tourist added.

However, why is such a convenient and even ingenious solution not practiced in European toilet bowls, while Russians use brushes? The blogger gave an answer to a long-tormented question and explained why such an experience could not be adopted en masse by the Russians: “The nuance is that American toilets are not designed for installation in rooms where sewer wiring is carried out above the ceilings. And in Europe it is exactly like that. Therefore, European toilets are made with a side outlet outlet. And in America, the standards are different and the sewer wiring is done under the floors. Therefore, the release is carried out vertically and directed to the floor. This feature allows the vertical outlet to be used as a siphon, thereby ensuring the effective removal of the contents of the toilet bowl and its further easy transportation to the sewer.

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