A Russian tourist suddenly realized how profitable it is to vacation abroad when the ruble against the dollar is under 100

A Russian tourist suddenly realized how profitable it is to vacation abroad when the ruble is under 100 against the dollar

The Russian tourist came to the obvious conclusion: taking into account the current exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar, and for $1 you already have to pay 100 rubles, traveling abroad has become noticeably more expensive. However, he realized that there were ways to save money and make travel more profitable. The author spoke about one of them in his Zen channel “BRODIAGA”.

We are talking about choosing all-inclusive package tours that provide transparent and predictable costs, making it easier for tourists to control their budget and get the most out of their trips. The author of the material emphasized that with the fall of the ruble and its devaluation, especially when the dollar exchange rate is around 100 rubles, traveling abroad for Russian tourists becomes much more expensive. The main point in this is the prices after conversion from rubles to dollars and euros.

“Any tourist understands that as soon as you leave Russia, all payments are made in dollars and euros,” he noted. This means that even if a tourist planned to travel with a certain budget in rubles, when the dollar exceeds 100 rubles, expenses abroad increase significantly. “Automatically, everything abroad costs more for us, especially if these prices are compared with Russian ones,” the blogger added.

In such a situation, it would seem that travel becomes a privilege and destiny for the rich. However, the tourist objected, noting that travelers in the current conditions need to use tricks that help save money. For example, monitor offers of all-inclusive package tours.

“In times like these, when the ruble is falling, one of the options to save money and travel profitably is all-inclusive package tours.” The author gave a specific example, comparing the cost of independent travel and a package tour. He pointed out that even with an expensive ruble exchange rate, a package tour can be a more profitable option due to transparency and the services included in it: 84,000 rubles. for an organized vacation lasting 13 days versus RUB 51,000. for only one flight when traveling independently. “At the moment, I’m waiting for a hurricane in the Caribbean so I can buy a package tour to Cuba for little money,” he concluded.

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