A Russian tourist suddenly understood the reason for the long queues for boarding and disembarking after landing

A Russian tourist suddenly realized the reason for the long queues for boarding and disembarking after landing

Many tourists stand in line at the airport to board the plane and crowd in the aisles after landing, annoying each other with their behavior – such is the unsightly reality of modern tourism. At the same time, a domestic tourist on the pages of his blog in Yandex.Zen noted that these travelers are by no means stupid, on the contrary, their actions have justification and even deep meaning.

The author especially noted two habits of passengers who are always late somewhere – to queue up to board the plane when the tickets seem to be on hand and everyone knows the seat numbers in the cabin of the airliner, or to get up when the plane barely touched the runway with its landing gear.

In fact, passengers who are in a hurry to get into the cabin of the aircraft first and take a seat, as a rule, carry with them bulky hand luggage and purchases from duty free stores that need to be put somewhere. There are a lot of tourists, acquired by overwork and bought with hard-earned money – too, but there are few lockers. “Sometimes passengers who are among the last to board the plane simply do not get a place to place their luggage, and even contacting the flight attendants on this issue does not always solve the problem. Many people think that luggage racks are tied to passenger seat numbers, but this is far from the case,” the traveler explained.

Fighting for a seat on an airplane is not bad manners, the traveler believes, but a way to quickly and conveniently spread out your belongings. “It happened that there was no place for my one backpack at all, or the flight attendants stuffed it quite far from my seat, where they found free space in the luggage compartment. So think for yourself whether it’s worth it to be clever, entering the plane as the last one, risking being left without luggage space or trying to shove your bag under the front seat, which is not very comfortable for the legs, ”the tourist urged to think.

As for the moment of landing at the destination, the situation is exactly the opposite. People who hurriedly stuffed their things into compartments over their own and other people's heads before takeoff are now trying to get them as soon as possible and get out of the airliner among the first. To do this, they jump up from their seats as soon as the plane has found the firmament.

“It is clear that some of the most intelligent and very competent tourists consider such behavior to be absolutely uncivilized and even indecent, but if you do not understand the motives for such actions, this does not mean that those who try to get off the plane early do not have them, ”the author of the blog stood up for active passengers and named the reasons that may encourage them to do just that, and nothing else. Among them – the desire to warm up, as well as very short transfers between flights, the reluctance to miss another plane or the last bus leaving for another city, so as not to spend the night at the airport or a local hotel.

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