A Russian tourist told how he was vacationing in the Maldives without bank cards and cash dollars

A Russian tourist told how he vacationed in the Maldives without bank cards and cash dollars

During a vacation in April on the tropical Maldives , where payment in dollars is practiced and there are sanctions against bank cards issued in Russia, a Russian tourist paid for the sightseeing tour in cash rubles. How he succeeded, he told on his Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the traveler, it was pointless to take bank cards with him, since Russian “plastic” from Mastercard and Visa does not work abroad, and it was problematic to buy cash dollars in Russia a month earlier, so he took only a small amount of them. The tourist brought the rest of the amount to the paradise island in rubles. The traveler settled in a five-star hotel on the island of Maafushi and soon “had an irresistible desire to see the local sights. They decided to buy at least the cheapest excursion for the last American rubles.

By a “lucky chance” on the beach, a “tanned young woman approached them and in pure Russian offered to see the price list of excursions of her personal agency Velaa Trips, which is located very close to our hotel. Of course, we were aware that there were Russian-speaking tour agencies in the Maldives, but it was nice for them to find us themselves, ”the blogger said and put forward a counter offer to his interlocutor – to pay for excursions in cash rubles.

Soon the compatriot agreed, because, probably, she had her own interest – a trip to Russia. “We really did not expect such a turn of events. Having counted all our ruble savings, we managed to buy two excellent excursions and fully enjoy the rest in the amazing and colorful Maldives,” the tourist concluded.

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