A Russian tourist understands why Turkey doesn’t like the Black Sea

A Russian tourist understood why people in Turkey don’t like the Black Sea

“Stuck in time and look like the beaches of Gelendzhik in the 90s,” is the definition of a domestic tourist gave to the Turkish coast of the Black Sea. While on the Russian coast there is nowhere for an apple to fall, and tourists even sunbathe while standing, because… beds have run out, the beaches of the Black Sea coast of Turkey are not in demand by vacationers.

“Most of the Black Sea coast in Turkey is not suitable for a quality and good beach holiday, and only a small section of the Black Sea – from the city of Samsun to Istanbul – has all the necessary tourist infrastructure,” the Russian traveler also explained on the pages of his Zen channel “BRODAGA” “.

According to him, the coastline is generally clean, but they are undeveloped and abandoned. “They are simply “stuck in time” and look like the beaches of Gelendzhik in the 90s,” he added and pointed to an “artifact” of that time – a lonely lifeguard booth as the only evidence of the presence of a tourist “civilization” there in the old days.

In addition, the author came across a cafe that looks like “life has stopped there.” “It was as if we were in a time machine and transported 20-30 years ago. The cafe had completely different furniture and chairs, which apparently washed up on the beach with beautiful oilcloth on the tables,” he shared with a hint of a Russian retrospective. An important fact for vacationers is that the sea was dark brown and “surprisingly dirty” water, so it is hardly safe for swimming. The author saw the reason for this in the large number of mountain rivers that flow into the Black Sea.

However, these shortcomings were offset by pleasant communication with the local population, who were friendly and open, without showing greed – a trait characteristic of popular tourist destinations locations. The traveler was also pleased by the lack of experience in communicating in English among the Turks in this region, unspoiled by tourism, because… this promoted real and direct communication.

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