A Russian tourist was taken hostage in a hotel room in Phuket

A Russian tourist was taken hostage in a hotel room in Phuket

On the resort island of Phuket in Thailand, a local resident took a Russian tourist hostage in a hotel room and threatened her firearms. The situation was resolved in the early morning of September 8, after which the police arrested the suspect.

The incident occurred in a small hotel located on Phra Metta Street in Patong, the Phuketnews portal reported. Police received a report of a “drunk Thai man holding a Russian tourist in a hotel room and threatening to shoot her with a pistol if she tried to leave.” At the time the police were called, it was unknown how long the Russian woman had been held hostage.

As a result of prompt police action, the 37-year-old Thai man agreed to release the victim at 6:30 am. Police then arrested him at 6:45 a.m. and seized his Beretta pistol, which was painted gold and bronze. Law enforcement officers charged the suspect with “illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and took him to the Patong Police Station. As for the information about the Russian tourist, it is not disclosed, so the motives and circumstances that led to the stressful situation for her remain unknown.

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