A Russian who lived in Europe explained the main disadvantage of living abroad

A Russian who lived in Europe explained the main disadvantage of living abroad

The main disadvantage of living abroad is that “there are nationalists, racists, xenophobes in absolutely any country, even the most tolerant” and you can always run into them. A Russian blogger who has lived in Europe for a long time told about this for those who want to emigrate in his blog in Yandex.Zen. At the same time, he separately emphasized that this experience is based on those times when he “quite often traveled abroad” before all current events, and “managed to live in Prague, Bratislava, Hamburg, and some other cities.” He also lived on business trips in Almaty (three weeks) and Tashkent (two months).

“Everywhere I came across the same problem, which absolutely all bloggers are silent about. In almost all countries where I have been for a long time, sooner or later I encountered intolerance against me. For example, in Almaty, I got into situations four times when they told me something like “Russian *****, get out of here” or “Speak Kazakh, *****,” he said. According to him, the same situation met him in Tashkent

“In Europe it is softer, but it also happened. I remember that in Prague I lived not far from the metro station “Ploshchad Mira”. And so, one day I was sitting on a bench in this square, and a Czech man came up to me and said in clumsy Russian: “Russian *****, when are you all ******** from here?”, – the blogger also explained.

He added that such situations “rarely happen, but the main thing is that they happen.” “And do not hope that no one will understand that you are a foreigner. They are always great at recognizing visitors. Just like we recognize foreigners in Russia. Now, how many times in my almost 40 years has someone approached me in Russia and told me to “get out of here”? Zero times. This has never happened. And it can’t be, I’m at home, ”he said. According to the blogger, in Russia, of course, clashes with a criminal element with mercenary goals are likely, but “no one will ever come up to you to say, “Come on, get out of my country.”

“I think that this is the main difference between living at home and abroad. You will never be yours there, no matter how long you live. 10 years can pass without excesses, and then one day some guy in the supermarket will nudge you with his shoulder and say: “Immigrant, **** you are like that, but get out of the way, you booger.” Sometimes this, unfortunately, happens, and nothing can be done about it,” the blogger said, adding that for him this is the main disadvantage of living abroad, because “I want to immediately pack my things and go home.”

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