A Russian woman compared the cost of groceries in a cheap supermarket in Dubai with Russian ones and was surprised

A Russian woman compared the cost of groceries in a cheap supermarket in Dubai with Russian ones and was surprised

In luxurious Dubai, there are several cheap supermarket chains where prices on average comparable to Russian ones, which is surprising. Moreover, in the UAE, which is even more surprising, there are categories of goods that are much cheaper than those presented on the shelves of Russian stores. The Yandex.Zen channel spoke about price tags in Dubai grocery stores.

It is clarified that we are talking about Viva budget chain stores, whose regular customers are poor tourists and migrants. From time to time, the management of the network arranges promotions, so you can buy goods much lower than the indicated prices.

The cost of everyday products in Dubai in terms of rubles is as follows:

  1. Fruits and berries: pears – 150 rub./kg, apples – 129 rub./kg, bananas and kiwi – 100 rub./kg, oranges – 60 rub./kg, strawberries 219 rub./200 gr.
  2. Vegetables: tomatoes – 65 rubles/kg, cherry tomatoes – 95 rubles/kg, cucumbers – 49 rubles/kg, washed carrots 95 rubles/kg; avocado 110 rubles/kg
  3. Bread – 100 rubles/1 piece
  4. “Chocolate and nut pastes, which surround bread products in huge quantities, are quite cheap: chocolate – 100 rubles; peanut – 70 rubles, date paste – 110 rubles. for a whole kilogram,” the channel clarified.
  5. Sausages 90 rubles/400 gr, sausage – 140 rubles. “I don’t recommend buying sausage in Dubai – these “delicacies” are too tasteless. I don't know who they are selling for. I doubt that the Russians like this “garbage”. For the experiment, we tried local sausages … – it was a big mistake. By the way, most sausages are brought from Turkey. And whoever has been to Turkey knows how tasteless sausage products are there … Yes, it’s better to buy chicken or different cheeses than to eat these tasteless and cheap sausages, ”added the author.
  6. A bottle of milk – 80 rubles. /liter, a can of condensed milk – 79 rubles
  7. Frozen vegetables “Mexican Mix” – 79 rubles/400 gr.
  8. Vegetable oil – 339 rubles/1.8 l.
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  10. Honey – 279 rubles/1 kg.
  11. Black tea – 69 rubles/200 gr. and 79 rubles. for a pack of 20 bags.
  12. Eggs – 219 rubles/30 pcs.

“Comparing prices with a regular supermarket for tourists, for example, Carrefour, prices with it are very vary. Everything is cheaper in Viva. The quality of the products is exactly the same. In general, there are very tasty products in Dubai, except for sausages… you can still eat deliciously in Dubai, and you can’t deny yourself anything either,” the author concluded.

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