A Russian woman in Egypt announced a closed master class where Egyptians are taught lessons in seducing foreign tourists

A Russian woman in Egypt reported a closed master class where Egyptians are taught lessons on seducing foreign tourists

Holiday romances on the shores of the Red Sea are common, but not all foreigners know that for local men this is a kind of sport and an opportunity to improve their financial situation. A Russian woman living in Egypt told in her Zen channel how Egyptians learn to seduce tourists, including at private seduction workshops.

When a stream of travelers from the former USSR poured onto the shores of the Red Sea, almost every oil trader, guide, diver or bartender was given leaflets with a set of phrases in Russian that could win a woman's heart. “Very beautiful”, “You are my queen”, “I love you”, “I want to kiss your fingers”, pronounced in the right tone and with an affectionate squint of black eyes, fell straight into the hearts of young ladies who lacked male attention in their homeland. And the Egyptians polished the skills of seduction on them.

However, the locals began their romantic adventures long before that, and tourists from each country have their own lists of dizzying phrases. They say that in the libraries of Cairo there is a manual on the seduction of foreigners, written in the early twentieth century during the time of Farouk I. Then the seducers wore elegant suits, which, combined with swarthy skin, turned the heads of British, French and Italian women.

It was then, on the basis of extensive experience, that a manual was created, which is something in between the Kamasutra, a description of seduction methods and a collection of poems. Later, it was changed and supplemented, in accordance with national characteristics and the spirit of the times. That knowledge is not available to everyone, but those who wish can visit the master classes on seduction created on the basis of the training manual.

These are closed paid courses that are held in Cairo and promise to make every student a professional gigolo capable of conquering any foreigner. A familiar Copt told the Russian woman about this master class 10 years ago. Whether the participants take exams and receive diplomas, he did not mention, but no one complained about the quality of teaching.

As you know, women love with their ears, which means that tender words, even if pronounced with a terrible accent, are excellent for them work. And if an Egyptian can compose complex sentences in Russian and has completed courses of gigolos, it is almost impossible to resist.

The Russian woman notes that modern gigolos on the shores of the Red Sea differ from the previous ones in the absence of good manners and education. However, they compensate for this by obsessive attention to any woman, regardless of age and figure, because the main thing for them is the opportunity to replenish their pockets.

“Egypt lacks charm and some kind of understatement, lacks that very courteous behavior and attitude towards women, which they sing about in their tearful songs. Egypt lacks love,” the Russian woman wrote.

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