A Russian woman in Egypt encountered cases of “magical interference” and occult rituals and was shocked

Egypt combines seemingly incompatible things: universal religiosity and belief in all sorts of magical entities, traditions and occult rituals that are not in contact with the official religion. At the same time, “magical intervention”, non-public for obvious reasons, is in high demand in the “country of pyramids”. The so-called household Magic is especially common in the country of the pharaohs, a Russian woman living in Egypt said on her Yandex.Zen channel.

“On the one hand, magic in Egypt is an almost forbidden topic and unequivocally condemned in society. “Things that cannot be spoken aloud. Haram. You will not find official announcements in Egyptian newspapers, a la “I will bewitch, I will tempt, I will remove the vow of celibacy, a 100% guarantee, I swear by my mother.” But those who need it already know who to contact, ”she said and added that the locals never advertise if they personally participated in some kind of such occult rituals. According to a compatriot, the demand for household magic is in demand in the southern regions, the so-called “Upper Egypt”.

Help: Upper Egypt is not only the unofficial geographical name of the southern part of the country, but also people from the towns and villages of Upper Egypt (along the Nile, to the delta). As a rule, these are poorly educated people who go to cities to work as cleaners, loaders, small service personnel in hotels, etc.

“There are rumors that almost every second woman can do such a thing there that it is better to stay away – otherwise the consequences can be the most serious … Recently, a huge arsenal of “artifacts” was discovered there. And even to a person who is far from this whole kitchen, it is obvious that they were made and thrown there with the aim of harming someone. Photos where faces are pierced with pins and needles, some bunches of hair tied with black ropes and other “trash”. The scope of all this obscurantism is striking. There are a lot of wedding photos, that is, the negative is often directed at women who have arranged their personal lives: either they want to recapture their newly-made husband, or to annoy their wife so that life does not seem like honey, ”the author gave an example and said that all the discovered objects of occultism burned.

“I don’t know if it helped, and how much all these “pads” work in general, but it’s creepy from the realization of what a huge amount of hatred and desire to harm is invested here,” the Russian woman was horrified. It is because of the danger of different energy effects that many Egyptian women do not put photos on avatars and close access to their pages on social networks.

The compatriot also spoke about the story of 5-6 years ago, which happened in the family of his husband. Here is an excerpt from the author: “We then lived in Alexandria, about 3 hours away from my husband’s relatives. One of the numerous family members had either an engagement or a wedding. We were not there, but my husband's sister Basima came to the celebration – a person with a very difficult character. She is sharp, straightforward, which is generally not characteristic of Arab women. Where others will smile in the eyes, she will say everything as it is in the eyes. For this reason, Basima married very late by village standards – she was already over 30. A husband from a neighboring village, a divorced man with 2 children, who lives with these same children, as well as with his mother and divorced sister, also with children. It is logical that relations with her husband and mother-in-law are not very good, in fact, for many years Basima has been balancing somewhere on the verge of a divorce. Also, the younger aunt of Hamem's husband came to the holiday from Alexandria. She stayed at her brother's house. On the occasion of the holiday, there were still many guests in the house, mostly relatives.

Changing clothes in one of the rooms, the aunt from Alexandria took off and left her gold there. And when she returned after some time, there was no gold. A commotion arose, everyone searched, groaned, gasped, but found nothing. Of course, the aunt was upset, the gold was donated for the wedding by one of her husbands (she was married three times). Well, given how much it has grown in price in recent years, now this gold pulls a decent amount.

Next is the most interesting. Not finding the perpetrators in the course of operational-search activities, Aunt Hamem and the mistress of the house went to some mysterious woman with a crystal ball. Just don't ask why you didn't go to the police – I don't know. I think they reasoned that it was a “family matter” and should be decided within the family.

This woman proposed to find out everything as follows: she would read the Koran, and behind her back they would begin quietly call out the names of everyone who was present in the house at the time of the incident. On whose name she will be silent – he is to blame.

The husband then said that such rituals are often covered up by reading a holy book – it seems that it is not magic at all, but they are looking for the culprit “with God's help.” In fact, this has nothing to do with religion and is still considered a great sin (not to mention the fact that the effectiveness of such a method is, to put it mildly, very doubtful).

In general, they did this operation several times, and each time that woman stopped at Basima's name. After that, everyone somehow sharply believed that it was she who took the gold, and demanded that it be returned. When Basima twirled her finger at her temple, they began to call the brothers (including my husband) with complaints and demands either to influence their sister, or to compensate for the losses themselves, since she had stolen. The husband had a strong fight with them and demanded that they leave her behind.
I also had big doubts about her guilt. Although Basima is a complicated person, it’s hard for me to imagine that she took something from someone else… It’s a stupid situation – try to prove that it’s not you if some woman pointed at you, and all the evidence is from the realm of otherworldly forces. In that situation, she was unconditionally supported only by two brothers and an older aunt. The rest were either inclined to believe that it was really her, or said “we don't know, figure it out yourself.” But the matter did not end there.

Several months passed, the situation was not resolved in any way, but the passions subsided. Hamem's aunt resigned herself to the loss of the gold. Once, during a visit to relatives, we went to visit the house where everything happened. I had doubts that it was worth going there, but surprisingly we were received very kindly … This topic was not discussed. We sat and parted, and a day later we went back to Alexandria. Around the same time, the elder brother of my husband and Basima, one of those who were completely on her side, flew out of the country to work.

As soon as we reached Alexandria, my uncle called my husband from the very house where the gold was missing, and where we were just a couple of days ago. With the message that… gold was found… the furniture was moved away, and it lies there. My uncle was very apologetic, “that it all happened like this.”

I immediately assumed that the gold was not found now, but earlier – it turned out very well that we were informed about this, as only we and my older brother left there. If they were in place, another scandal could not be avoided.

At the end of the story, the relative who was slandered was apologized and informed that they were ready for any compensation, but not a word was said about the fortuneteller : “In general, over time, everyone reconciled, and only I was left in some shock from this situation, because many relatives really believed in her guilt only on the basis of the words of that woman.”

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